Our Relationships

Many of Joseph Architects’ clients have been with the firm since the beginning of the practice. They know that they can count on us to be there when they call on us, and to make their project a priority. There is no greater validation of this as the continuous repeat business that we are fortunate enough to receive from these wonderful entities.

Joseph Architects’ clients are not just the corporations or business organizations. They are the real people–the people who represent these businesses and who we deal with on a daily basis. They know we truly care about them, and that we are sensitive to the pressures health care and commercial clients face to deliver projects efficiently and cost effectively. Our personal relationships range from CEO’s and Facility Engineers to end users/stakeholders. We listen and work hard to strike a balance between the organization’s goals, timeframes, and budgets. The joy we derive from working closely with our clients is generated by working as a team, problem solving together, and helping them succeed and look great in the eyes of their organization.

The sheer number of participants on a given project—from internal clients and stakeholders to local/state code and permit officials, fire marshals, regulatory agencies, vendors, contractors, consultants, suppliers—can be daunting.

Joe Greene has spent over twenty years building strong relationships with these entities - relationships that help enhance the success of our clients. This is another way that Joseph Architects distinguishes itself from others in the field and reinforces the profound commitment we have to our clients.

We also value the long term relationships that we have established with several consultants who we like to refer to as part of the Joseph Architects “family“

 - IT Services: Bob Butler, Butler Technology www.ButlerTechnology.com

 - Interior Designer: Christine Burdick, Christine Burdick Design www.christineburdick.com

 - Photographer, Katrina Mojzesz, Top Kat Photograph inc, www.topkatphoto.com


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